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Copper Roofs

Welded/Soldered Copper

Copper roofs are both beautiful and durable and a lifetime material. The most common issue that we see and service in unskilled workmanship. There is a real shortage of coppersmiths presently. Most of the soldering work from local NH and MA roofing companies is honestly terrible. From blistered welding to improper heat and control of the soldering iron this not a skill for beginner or novice level tradesmen. This is a master level skill and is virtually non existent today. The photos and advertised work of many companies in NH and MA is far short of acceptable and is presented as good work!! Before you order a copper roof or bay window contact a real coppersmith at GDC. You'll be glad you did! We are happy to expand on this topic to all our valued clients however we do not teach our coppersmithing skills.

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