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Sheetmetal Fabrication

Here we are shearing 16 oz. Copper sheet for copper drip edge on our 10' Niagara Shear.

Working with copper is a large portion of our business. We can make drip edge, roof edge, copper valleys and ridges with no lead time because we have our own sheetmetal fabrication shop. This is particularly useful because historical slate and copper roofs require custom copper work and being able to supply that demand in a timely fashion is key to a successful slate restoration project. All of our copper roof products are made from raw copper materials. We don't buy any pre made stock. This is a large difference between our firm and others. If you know how to make a product like drip edge you can modify the drip line, facing and width as needed for any project you aren't stuck with what the manufacture has to offer. Contractors who do not have sheetmetal abilities are often extremely limited by what they can provide you. Here at GDC slate and copper our projects start with your needs and specifications and are not limited to the market availability because we are the manufacturers of our products!!

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