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Tapper Sawn Shingles

Here is our Lane Shingle Mill circa 1878. Making hemlock shakes for a custom job.

A little history here. Before the use of quarry stone in the USA shingle mills like this turned out shingle roofs. (the original shingle roof) Under many slate roofs today can be found the remnants of the old shake roofs. Wood shakes are still in use today mostly as siding and drip lines under modern roof edges. It is important to understand the history of how roofing technology evolved and effected each other to be versatile. This shingle mill is also part of our families history and still makes shakes for us today as it did for my grandfather many years ago. These machines were the backbone of the roofing industry prior to the quarries producing slate here in America. Yes slate roofs are older however in the states these mills had there place in the history of American Roofing.

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